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Creating growth through youth and community involvement in the sport of BMX

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Open Hours: Sunday 3:00pm – 4:15pm & Tuesday 6:00pm- 7:15pm

Club News

Diamond BMX Club Donation Day

Diamond BMX Club is proud to partner with Rock 102FM and Care & Share Saskatoon for this fundraiser. On our website, you can donate by clicking on the red Donate button on the home page. You can also bring any used BMX's or BMX gear (including riding gloves, kevlar...

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7Race & Practice Information

Skill Development and Races

We will be using a similar format to last year in order to accommodate for social distancing for the 2021 season. Both Sunday & Tuesday will look similar and include a skill development piece as well as races. Please be on time so we can get things rolling, with the COVID restrictions this year we must have contactless registration no more than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the session so please be patient and remember to social distance when checking in. Attendance will be called to determine those who have registered are present. All other people/spectators will be asked to leave the track area.

Sunday 3:00pm – 4:15pm
Tuesday 6:00pm- 7:15pm
*Times change with “split groups” and end times may vary

Skill Development​

Practice makes perfect! Each week we will run drills for 30-40 minutes with skills work based on the needs of our riders. Working on starting, balance, speed, cornering lines in the berms, and specific track piece skill development, etc.


We are planning to utilize Mini-Leagues for racing this season, this format is used to minimize the number of people our rider will come in contact with. Here are the details:

Additional Information

For sports or activities where participants are unable to adhere to physical distancing, groupings (mini-leagues) will be formed. Our Mini-leagues will be comprised of multiple teams, but no more than 50 individuals. We are planning to use specific age groups for each team and each team will remain together for the season.

Mini-leagues allow sports teams to return to a safe level of play, and will help mitigate the risk of widespread transmission by limiting the number of athletes that come in close contact with each other

Currently we have formed groups as follows: 5 years/ 6&7 years/ 8 years/ 9,10,11,12 years/ 13-19 years/ and 20+ years. (with some exceptions as decided by our race director, and these groups are subject to change with the addition of new members)

There is a 50 person limit to outdoor activities which includes riders, volunteers, and officials. Each rider is allowed one parent/guardian to accompany them. If the limit is exceeded, we will initiate “split groups” when needed:

“Split Groups”

When weekly online activity registration reaches 40 we will use “split groups”.

“Split Groups” will have adjusted times:
Sunday 3:00pm-4:15pm and 4:30pm-5:45pm;
Tuesdays 5:45pm-7:00pm and 7:15pm-8:30pm

We will maintain Mini-league time brackets for the season within split groups where possible. Youngest riders will ride in the earlier time bracket and we will utilize the second time brackets for the older riders.

When registering for club activities we have a strict cut off time to ensure we will have time to send out an email to inform participant of split groups. This email will be sent the same day as practice/races.

Races are going to follow our skill development piece weekly. This years adjusted format will have all riders racing with in their Mini-league. Each race will have heats which will begin at the starting gate where a max of 8 riders of the same age and in the same mini-league race as fast as they can over the dirt jumps, around the newly paved banked corners, and across the finish line. Each group will run three times to gain club points which are based on position at the finish.

BMX provides a physical outlet, skill development, partnerships, camaraderie and while it is an individual sport, our club works as a team to supports each other. The veterans in the group are often giving pointers to novice participants; high fives and endless chatter among Mini-league groups is a common sight.

Parents – please make sure you read the guidelines on the home page with regard to numbers.

Once you have registered below here are a few finer details for practice and races that you need to know:

Please maintain social distancing during all activities

Please do not come more than 10 minutes prior to the start time and do not loiter after

There will be contactless registration when you arrive at the moto shed, please note the posters at the shed and on the check in station about the symptoms of COVID-19 and your registration and entering the track being confirmation that you are not displaying any of those signs of symptoms.

Each rider is recommended to only have one parent/guardian (the name you filled out on the registration form) to attend at each race. If you have more than one rider in your family please try and limit to one parent/guardian per family unit. To ensure no one is asked to leave, please have only one parent/guardian if possible.

Spectator area is marked out to maintain social distancing and can be found on east side of track.

Below is a list of items to have with you to participate:

Bike, full face helmet, proper race clothing, gloves and other race gear

Race License (a picture on your phone will work as well)

Race Plate (should stay on your bike) and if you don’t have one yet please inquire when you arrive

Small toolkit with side cutters, multi-tool, wrenches, hex/allen keys….whatever you might need to make sure you can adjust your gear as needed. Some even bring a tire pump which comes in useful! (please do not share your tool kit with anyone outside your family unit)

Tape and Sharpie or marker- this is for writing down assignments/lanes for you or your rider

Chairs if you want to sit down for spectating

Water & snacks – please do not share water bottles or snacks with anyone outside your family unit

Hand Sanitizer

Registration for Skill Development and Races below – Taking place every Sunday and Tuesday beginning Tuesday May 30th to September 7th.

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Saskatchewan Cycling Association
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