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Creating growth through youth and community involvement in the sport of BMX

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Practice Days: Sunday 3:30pm – 4:30pm & 4:30pm-5:30pm

  Race Days: Tuesday 5:15pm- 8:00pm

Club News

Current Race & Practice Information

We are so excited to start our season and as COVID -19 restrictions lift, we are permitted to hold district races again after May 30th, 2021. This year, we have two certified coaches – Niall Schofield and Chelsy Skwark, along with mentorship from Kiran Kawa from On The Box Clinics. 

Due to our high level of registrations this year, we have decided to run two time slots for practice and race days. For both practices/races, members will need to sign up on our website (under events) by 6pm the day prior for races and by noon of Sunday for practice. For Sunday practice, any time slot can be chosen but it is first come, first serve with a limit of 50. For Tuesday races, please choose the time slot for your rider by age as of December 31, 2021. This will allow “Motos” to be created the night before and emailed to parents so everyone knows where there rider will need to be at the start of each race as per their age category. 

Please be on time so we can get things rolling. With the COVID restrictions this year, please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session and please be patient. Remember to social distance when checking in.  While checking in, you can volunteer for track safety which will provide points towards your volunteer bond. All other people/spectators will be asked to spectate from the east side of the track where the bleachers are or west side of track on pathway. Please adhere to guidelines and sit within family units, distanced by 2m from others.  We also request that you try to limit family units to 1-2 spectators as only 150 are allowed in the area. This is especially important on race nights, where we are hosting other club members and their families. As restrictions lift, we are hopeful more will be able to spectate so please be patient and abide by the current guidelines. 

Sunday Time slots: 3:30pm-4:30pm (50 rider limit), 4:30pm-5:30pm **Diamond BMX Team will practice 2:30-3:30pm.
Tuesday Time slots: 6-7pm (Ages 3-8years), 7-8pm (Ages 9-Adult)  
*Times for Tuesday races may change after June 1st and pending COVID -19 guidelines

Skill Development​

Practice makes perfect! Each Sunday, we will run drills for 40-50 minutes with skills work based on the needs of our riders. Working on starting, balance, speed, cornering lines in the berms, and specific track piece skill development, etc. Riders will be split into two groups and switch halfway through in order to gain development on all areas of the track while maintaining smaller group sizes for clear coaching. 


As of May 30th, we are able to hold District races again!!! This means we can race against each other and other clubs from Saskatoon and Regina. **Of note, to prepare our riders, we will be hosting a Club Only race on June 1st and returning to District races on June 8th.

In order to race in a district race, all members will be required to upgrade their Sask Cycling License from a general non racing membership to a Provincial racing license. Stay tuned for info about Saskatoon and Regina BMX race dates as members with a Provincial License can race at their tracks too. When interprovincial travel is allowed, a UCI racing license can afford a member the ability to race and gain points in other provinces. 

District Races (What you need to know):

District races are where motos (or heats) of riders in the same age and ability race to gain points and of course have fun!

You gain points from all district races, wherever they are. Our sanctioning body Saskatchewan Cycling sets rules for our races, provides training courses for our commissaires, stores the points gained by riders and issues ability upgrades. These ability upgrades can be applied to races on national and international levels to “Build Future Olympians”. 

Ability Upgrades (Male) 

Novice to Intermediate : 10 wins                   Intermediate to Expert : 20 wins

Ability Upgrades (Female)

Novice to Expert : 20 wins

Parents – please make sure you read the guidelines.

Once you have registered below here are a few finer details for practice and races that you need to know:

Please maintain social distancing before and after practice/races, including in designated spectator areas. 

Please do not come more than 15 minutes prior to the start time and do not loiter after

There will be sign in when you arrive at the moto shed, please note COVID guidelines and do not attend if displaying any symptoms, or if you have been in close contact with someone who is positive for COVID -19. 

Each rider is recommended to only have one or two parent/guardian (the name you filled out on the registration form) to attend at each race. If you have more than one rider in your family please try and limit to one or two parent/guardian per family unit. To ensure no one is asked to leave, please have only one parent/guardian if possible.

Spectator area can be found on east side of track and on west path. Ensure you maintain 2m distance from other household groups.

Below is a list of items to have with you to participate:

Bike, full face helmet, proper race clothing, gloves and other race gear

Race License (a picture on your phone will work as well)

Race Plate (should stay on your bike) and if you don’t have one yet please inquire when you arrive

Small toolkit with side cutters, multi-tool, wrenches, hex/allen keys….whatever you might need to make sure you can adjust your gear as needed. Some even bring a tire pump which comes in useful! (please do not share your tool kit with anyone outside your family unit)

Tape and Sharpie or marker- this is for writing down assignments/lanes for you or your rider

Water & snacks – please do not share water bottles or snacks with anyone outside your family unit

Hand Sanitizer

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