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Open Hours: Sunday 4:00pm – 5:15pm & Tuesday 6:00pm- 7:15pm

Club News

Diamond BMX Club Donation Day

Diamond BMX Club is proud to partner with Rock 102FM and Care & Share Saskatoon for this fundraiser. On our website, you can donate by clicking on the red Donate button on the home page. You can also bring any used BMX's or BMX gear (including riding gloves, kevlar...

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Race & Practice Information

Race Result and Points Info

All riders must hold a valid SCA In-Province or UCI license to be eligible to accumulate points and race day wins (RDW) in any race event. RDW’s determine when a rider upgrades to the next ability class. Riders will be notified of upgrades by the club and a new licence will be issued by SCA.

Additional Information

Ability Class Upgrades (Male) *Rider’s wins will reset to 0 after an upgrade has been issued Novice to Intermediate:10 Wins Intermediate to Expert: 20 Wins Novice to Expert: 15 wins (this applies to 30-39 and 40+Male 20″ categories only) Ability Class Upgrades (Female) Novice to Expert: 20 Wins How Do You Get the Wins to Upgrade? Competing in SCA Sanctioned District race events, SCA Sanctioned SK Cup/Grands race events and SCA Sanctioned SK Provincial Championships are where RDW and points can be accumulated.

Point values are awarded for each moto in the following structure:

1st Place: 1 pt 2nd Place: 2 pts 3rd Place: 3 pts 4th Place: 4 pts 5th Place: 5 pts 6th Place: 6 pts 7th Place: 7 pts 8th Place: 8 pts ​Least amount of points tallied up after the three motos gets first place, second least amount of points gets second place and so on. Getting a win that goes towards ability upgrade involves a RDW, not individual moto wins. After you get enough for an upgrade, you will race with riders in your new ability class. Motos are run with 3 or more riders of the same gender/ability/age (as of December 31st of current racing year). Where this is not possible, blended groups are created using the SCA BMX Race Regulations. If there are more than 8 but less than 17 riders registered in the same category, there will be a “Main”. The “Main” takes the top 7 or 8 riders from the 3 motos of the heats in that category. How the riders finish racing in the main is their final placement for that race day.

SCA Sanctioned District Points

Riders are awarded points when racing in an SCA Sanctioned District race. This can be at Diamond BMX, Globe BMX, or 13th Ave BMX. Top female and male riders in the District point series will be awarded at the end of the season. Point values are awarded as per the following: 1st Place: 100 pts 2nd Place: 80 pts 3rd Place: 70 pts 4th Place: 60 pts 5th Place: 50 pts 6th Place: 40 pts 7th Place: 30 pts 8th Place: 20 pts ​9th Place and Lower: 10 pts Club Points Diamond BMX riders are awarded club points when racing at Diamond BMX. The point system is the same as the District Race Points. These points will determine the top riders in each age/gender category within the club.
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Club Sponsors

Saskatchewan Cycling Association
Warman Home Centre
Dakota Construction Inc.
OK Tire
City of Warman
Delta Construction Group Inc.
Creative Concepts & Restorations
Care & Share Saskatoon
Trent’s Tracks
Rock 102 FM
KH Developments Ltd.
Kessler Insurance
DyMark Industries
Douglas Bird Clothing
Atlas Outdoors Sports & Recreation
Different Perspective Drone Service

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